The Mobile Diagnostic Tool built on "Quality you can Trust"

XCQC is a mobile diagnostic & Quality check solution that performs in-depth analysis of a mobile device's internal & external components and sensors.

The solution performs comprehensive "Health Check-up" of the mobile device in real-time and certifies health of the mobile device.

What can XCQC

do for you ?


XCQC builds transparency in assessing the health of the device using integrated mobile diagnostics solutions for consumers and business partners.

Instant Feedback

Diagnostic results can be presented through different customizable channels instantly upon completion of the test.

Intelligent Diagnostics

We provide mobile solutions for returns management, mobile exchange, service & repair and Mutli device diagnostics solutions. Our expertise enables us to provide a comprehensive service and take care of all aspects of the device.


How do you use XCQC

licenses with the app

  • Xtracover XCQC is ideal

    For remotely accessing the device’s condition while the device is still in the hands of the user.
    For increasing efficiency by reducing handling time.
    For preventing fraudulent activity and checking fraudulent claims.
    Remotely identify the device’s condition prior to offering Warranty cover.
    For offer trade-in value directly to the Customers, based on device make, model and condition.
    For providing digital certification for tested device.

  • Post Production Testing.
    OQC & IQC.
    Business Reporting.
    Device Standardisation & Compliance.

  • Some of the Details captured include:
    RAM size & usage.
    Storage size & usage.
    Capture IMEI / Serial number / MEID / IMSI.
    Make, model, marketing name & Mac address.
    Time, date & location settings.
    SIM card.

  • Diagnostic test results can be presented through different customizable channels :
    Our SaaS based application.
    An API for integration into an external business process.
    A library format, suitable for integration into an existing application.
    Cloud based access to the results/certificates.


Why should you choose us

• Measurable reduction in No Fault Found (NFF)
• High level of test accuracy
• Greater than 99% accuracy in recent tests
• Easy to use solution
• Confirmation from large retailer that the service is key to helping to manage returns exposure while helping set the first credible triage/assessment stage for fault queries.

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We offer the single use license for one-time users and testing purposes at a token cost.

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The Professional pack of 100 licenses are for those who areworking at a mid to large scale.

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15,000500 licenses

The Grand pack of 500 licenses are for the seasoned playerswho are doing some serious numbers.

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28,0001,000 licenses

The All Star pack of 1000 licenses are for those who are the masters of the game.

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